YouTube Video Rotated? Watch it properly with VLC

Sometimes I come across videos on YouTube which are filmed on people’s smartphones but are recorded at an angle so you end up tilting your head to see a straight image. This is pretty inconvenient and I’ve been using VLC to fix it. Having used the technique again just now, I remembered that it might be worth posting about :)

This works on any video but let’s take a YouTube one.

- Copy the YouTube video address and then start VLC

- Click on MediaOpen Network Stream (network stream because we’re loading from YouTube. For videos from your hard drive, you can just select “Open File”).

- Paste the YouTube video address and click Play

- The video should hopefully start playing. Now go to ToolsEffects and Filters

- Select the Video Effects tab and then check the Transform box

- Select the amount you want to rotate the video by (probably 90 or 270 degrees) and you now have a nicely rotated video saving you any neck cramps :)

A few things to note.

Firstly, don’t forget to uncheck the Transform video afterwards otherwise all your normal videos will be rotated.

Also, rotating isn’t the only effect you can do. You can also flip videos that are mirrored as well as mess around with the other effects.

And finally, VLC isn’t always able to load YouTube videos. At the time of writing my version of VLC (2.06 TwoFlower) is loading YouTube videos just fine but that may change.

Enjoy :)